No, collection kits are sold separately and they come with instructions on how to collect and label the blood samples. If you are submitting feather samples, you don’t need a collection kit. You’ll need to pluck at least five feathers from the chest or under the wing and stick them to a piece of paper as shown here https://animetics.com.au/sample-collection/

Results are reported within 5 business days after samples have been received. If you haven’t received your results within that time-frame, please check your spam folder for the results report or give us a call. 

Feather samples take twice as long  to process and require additional consumables. Therefore, we have started to charge a surcharge to cover some of the associated cost.

Please follow the instructions here on the sample collection page (https://animetics.com.au/sample-collection/)

We accept credit card payments, or you can make a bank transfer into our account. Payment is required before any sample is processed. If you are making a bank transfer, you need to give the transaction a name (e.g., your name, order reference), so that we can identify your payment in our bank statement.